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The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy and Psychology of Luck


  • Ian M. Church and Robert J. Hartman: Luck: An Introduction

The History of Luck

  • Nafsika Athanassoulis: Aristotle on Constitutive, Developmental, and Resultant Moral Luck
  • Sarah Broadie: Aristotle on Luck, Happiness, and Solon’s Dictum
  • René Brouwer: The Stoics on Luck
  • Jeffrey Hause: Thomas Aquinas on Moral Luck
  • Kate Moran: Immanuel Kant on Moral Luck
  • Craig Smith: Adam Smith on Moral Luck and the Invisible Hand
  • Piers Norris Turner: John Stuart Mill on Luck and Distributive Justice
  • Dani Rabinowitz: History of Luck in Epistemology
  • Andrew Latus: Thomas Nagel and Bernard Williams on Moral Luck

The Nature of Luck

  • Duncan Pritchard: Modal Accounts of Luck
  • Wayne Riggs: The Lack of Control Account of Luck
  • Nicholas Rescher: The Probability Account of Luck
  • Rik Peels: The Mixed Account of Luck
  • Nathan Ballantyne & Samuel Kampa: Luck and Significance
  • Fernando Broncano-Berrocal: Luck as Risk
  • Rachel Mckinnon: Luck and Norms

Moral Luck

  • Daniel Statman: The Definition of ‘Luck’ and the Problem of Moral Luck
  • Carolina Sartorio: Kinds of Moral Luck
  • Michael J. Zimmerman: Denying Moral Luck
  • Robert J. Hartman: Accepting Moral Luck
  • Laura W. Ekstrom: Luck and Libertarianism
  • Mirja Pérez de Calleja: Luck and Compatibilism

Epistemic Luck

  • Ian M. Church: The Gettier Problem
  • Benjamin Jarvis: The Problem of Environmental Luck
  • Tim Black: Anti-Luck Epistemology
  • Stephen Hetherington: The Luck/Knowledge Incompatibility Thesis
  • John Greco: Luck and Skepticism
  • J. Adam Carter: Epistemic Luck and the Extended Mind

The Psychology of Luck

  • Steven D. Hales & Jennifer Adrienne Johnson: Cognitive Biases and Dispositions in Luck Attributions
  • Karl Halvor Teigen: Luck and Risk
  • Sabine Roeser: Emotional Responses to Luck, Risk and Uncertainty
  • Anastasia Ejova: The Illusion of Control
  • Matthew D. Smith & Piers Worth: Positive Psychology and Luck Experiences

Future Research

  • J. D. Trout: Luck in Science
  • Joe Milburn & Edouard Machery: The Philosophy of Luck and Experimental Philosophy
  • Ori J. Herstein: Legal Luck
  • Carolyn McLeod & Jody Tomchishen: Feminist Approaches to Moral Luck
  • Guy Axtell: The New Problem of Religious Luck
  • Jordan Wessling: Theology and Luck


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